VC’s Publications

1. Polyclad Turbellarians (Platyhelminthes) of waltair Coast with special reference to the genus Thysonozoan Grube, 1840. By S. Ramakrishna Rao, K. Hanumantha Rao and K. Shyamsundari in Journal National Academy of Scientific Letters, Vol.2, No.3, 1979.

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school going children by Y.AVASN.Maruthi, S.Ramakrishna Rao & M.V.Ravindra, in Journal of Industrial Pollution Control, 2004, Vol. 20 (2): 345-350.

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31. Study of Health Aspects of traffic police of Visakhapatnam with special reference to lead and carbon monoxide by Y.AVASN.Maruthi, S.Ramakrishna Rao, K.Sandhya Kiranmai, V.Saritha and Sujata Thakre in National Journal of Life Sciences,2004, 1 (2), (327-332).

32. Occupational health hazards of parlor workers with respect to heat stress and Indoor Air Quality; A case study, by Y.AVASN.Maruthi, S.Ramakrishna Rao, B.Srihari, V.Saritha and Sujata Thakre, in Indian journal Public health and engineering,2005, Vol., No.3, 16-19.

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37. A study on the effect of pharmaceutical effluents on the soil and water quality of Kandivalasa Gedda by Y.AVASN Maruthi, S.Ramakrishna Rao, Ch.Shyam Kumar and D.A Chaitanya in Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences (Indexed in Chemical Abstracts & SCOPUS)., Vol, 13, October,Vol.3, 529- 534, 2009.

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41. Distribution of Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (AM) in some selected soils of  Visakhapatnam:Acase study. Y.Avsan .Maruthi,B.Frodrigues,S.Ramakrishna Rao, Kaizar HossainAndV.Divya Rao in Asian Jr.of Microbiol.Biotech.Env.Sc.Vol.12,No.(2):2010:315- 321.